WattGym Classes


WattGym is a boutique training facility where it’s all about the workout. We are home to the most diverse classes in Darlington. Making sweating enjoyable drives everything we do at WattGym.    All highly intensive fitness sessions that will motivate, inspire and transform you, be under no illusion, you will work hard in these sessions and we will push outside of your comfort zone if you’re committed to the challenge, we will help you achieve your goals. To secure a place on your favourite class we offer an advanced booking system

Prices & How to book your space

  • Your first class is FREE, register on our system and when payment is asked for use discount code:       FREECLASS
  • 1 class credit x £7
  • 3 class credits x £18
  • Monthly membership from £34.99
    (This is WattGym classes only and does not apply to CrossFit)

    To book your space you are required to register on our booking system and make the appropriate payment. Click on the link BOOK NOW below to register for your class.


HARDCORE – 30 min

Firm up your mid-section with this intense burst of torso toning, improving your core strength.


CYCLE BOX – 30 min

Get ready to ride, get ready to fight in this 30min interval class moving from Box Bag to Wattbike Calorie burning Sweaty Fun!!


EMOM – 30 min

Shake up your training with this every minute on the minute work to rest ratio class.


WATT BOXING – 30 min

High-intensity box class for 30 mins using the punching bag and body weight exercises.


BAGS & ABS – 30 min

High-intensity box class for 30 mins using the punching bag plus ab work.


HIIT – 30 min

30 min HIIT high -intensity interval training, class where you go all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods High Calorie Burn.


RIPPED & STRIPPED – 30/45 min

30 / 45min sculpt and define your body using weighted exercises to build resilience and strength.


BOOTCAMP – 60 min

60 minutes of functional movements performed at high intensity for improved endurance, strength, power, speed, and overall health and fitness.



30 min interval-based class on the wattbike.


SWEAT RIDE – 30/45 min

Let your instructor lead you in a 30 or 45mins spin session working at high intensity intervals to get your heart rate up and legs burning.


PILATES – 45 min

is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.