I would never call myself a gym bunny – I was one of those types that yes exercised occasionally but never really got into it or wanted to. My turning point was when I saw some photos of myself at a friend’s wedding and couldn’t believe the size that I was it was definitely a wakeup call. My first thought was what can I do, then a phone call with my Auntie resulted in me asking her to help me lose this weight that I had gained. I knew from conversations that I had had with her previously that she had taken up “CrossFit” and I didn’t have a clue what it was and to be honest the thought of it terrified me – I kept on thinking I cannot do that, it will kill me, I am too unfit, I am too fat, NO I cannot do it! But after speaking with Karen and Joanne they explained that CrossFit is for everyone and that all workouts are scalable so I would be able to do it! So with that I was booked onto my ON RAMP with a friend and to be honest I was terrified.

Lee Howe took my ON RAMP and immediately put me at ease and talked through my apprehensions with me and what I wanted to achieve and that was the start of it! My ON RAMP was 3 days in a row and by the end of it I could barely walk but what I noticed most was this feeling of I want to keep on doing this, it does hurt and it isn’t easy but how good do I feel at the end of the workout! So the following Monday I completed my first WOD! Yes I was last but that didn’t matter what mattered was I actually completed it and was still alive to tell the tale! One thing that truly amazed me was the community feeling and the camaraderie between people, I have made friends for life! I have now been doing CrossFit for 9 months and in this time I have found myself lifting heavier weights, being able to run, attempt pull ups, hand stands and other things that I would have never dreamed of doing. But the change in my body is what is most noticeable, I have shed 1 & ½ stone, lost 18” of various parts of me and I am starting to feel fit and healthy and it has made me feel so good about myself. All my family and friends have noticed this change too so all I would say is don’t listen to those apprehensive thoughts, just try it – it’s worth it!


Before during after vers2


Gloria Lawson –started CrossFit August 2012

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